Congress Center (Palazzo dei Congressi) - Taormina, Sicily

The Science of Consciousness 2023 will be held at the Congress Center Taormina (Palazzo dei congressi), in a key location at the core of the historical center of Taormina at a walking distance from the world renown Greek Theater of Taormina (Third century BC), which is the most fascinating historical monument of the “pearl of the Ionian Sea”. Wolfgang Goethe in his famous “Journey to Italy” wrote: “No theater audience has ever had such a sight in front.” Carved directly into the hard rock of Mount Taurus in the 3rd century BC, it was capable of accommodating thousands of seated spectators.
It is fascinating to bring philosophy and science back to where it all started, at Plato’s time and places.
Taormina is a gem in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Its unique combination of historical beauty, sea, beaches, the imposing presence of one of the most active volcanoes in Europe (mount Etna, 3357 mt) provides the town with a unique atmosphere and vibrant vibe.