TSC 2023 includes plenary sessions, in-depth workshops, concurrent presentations, poster sessions on a glamorous rooftop in the center of Taormina, and book and technology exhibits. Abstracts of workshops, special events, plenary talks, concurrent sessions and posters are all included in the abstracts section of the conference booklet. Poster presenters will be able to locate the day of their presentation.

Here is a preliminary plan for the TSC2023 conference, but please note that revisions and adjustments are possible as the conference approaches.

TSC 2023 general program

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Keynote and Plenary Speakers List of TSC2023

Christof Koch - David Chalmers - Sir. Roger Penrose

P1: Quantum Brain Biology
Stuart Hameroff - Jim Al Khalili - Travis Craddock

P2: Phenomenal Experience
Nicholas Humphrey - Kevin O' Regan - Shaun Gallagher - Uriah Kriegel

P3: Neuroscience
Lucia Melloni - Jay Sanguinetti - Orli Dahan

P4: Hallucinations
Fiona Macpherson - Heather Logue - Alex Byrne - Riccardo Manzotti

P5: AI & Consciousness
Manuel & Lenore Blum - Owen Holland - Susan Schneider

P6: Intentionality
Tim Crane - Pietro Perconti - Alberto Voltolini

P7: Conscious & Evolution
Frans de Waal - Giorgio Vallortigara - David Edelman

P8: E-M & Resonance Theories
Johnjoe McFadden - Tam Hunt - Michael Levin - Anirban Bandyopadhyay

P9: Free Will
Sir. Roger Penrose - Mario de Caro - Alan Morin


Workshop List (Workshops day is May 22nd)

  • W1: Ethical Issues of AI and Consciousness, Antonio Chella, Angelo Cangelosi, John P. Sullins, Robin Zebrowski
  • W2: Quantum biology, Travis Craddock, Jim Al-Khalili, Giuseppe Vitiello, JohnJoe McFadden, Anirban Bandyopadhyay
  • W3: Quantum computing and collapse of the wavefunction, Thomas Brophy, Hartmut Neven, Catalina Curceanu, Paavo Pylkkanen, Stuart Hameroff, Roger Penrose
  • W4: Varieties of Consciousness and Contemplative Practice, Jay Sanguinetti, Tracy Brandmeyer, Malcolm Wright, Daniel Ingram, Rael Cahn
  • W5: The Unity of Consciousness and the Subject of Experience, Donnchadh O Conaill, Susan Schneider, Mark Textor, Elizabeth Schechter
  • W6: Contextual Emergence, Robert C. Bishop, Alicia Juarrero, Gil Santos
  • W7: Unifying Fundamentalist Theories of Consciousness, Michael Silberstein, William Seager, Dean Rickles, Marc Wittmann
  • W8: The role of embodiment in self-aware humans and robots, Giulio Sandini, Raja Chatila, Minoru Asada, Shaun Gallager, Simone Sarasso, Carlo Mazzola

Poster info

Poster size

Printed posters should be made in vertical orientation: 100 cm (height) x90 cm (width)

Poster printing

We have arranged for a local printer to support delegates with poster printing and delivery to the venue. Please liaise directly with them if you wish to use their services, sending the poster complete pdf file with your name and poster details.

Price: 15 EUR including VAT

contact details: tipografiasamperi@gmail.com

Poster setup and removal

Poster presenters are requested to set up their printed poster in the appropriate exhibitors (double sided boards ) on the assigned day. Team of volunteers will be available to help you set up your poster in the correct location.

There will be time allocated to stand by the posters when participants are free to pass by and inquire on a one-to-one basis.

Poster sessions will be held Wednesday, May 24 (Poster Session 1) and Friday, May 26 (Poster Session 2) from 11:15 to 12:30.

Presenters are responsible for setting up and removing their poster by the required time.

P1 = Poster Session 1, Wednesday, May 24 Time: 11:15-12:30

Set Up: Tuesday, May 23 at Lunch Break 12:30-14:00

Removal: Wednesday, May 24 by 19:00

P2 = Poster Session 2, Friday, May 26 Time: 11:15-12:30

Set Up: Thursday, May 25 at Lunch Break 12:30-14:00

Removal: Friday, May 26 by 19:00

Presenters must be available with their posters during their scheduled session to discuss their research with interested viewers. The Poster Sessions are a great showcase forum to inform colleagues, researchers, members of the press and other interested parties of your basic and clinical research projects. We encourage posters from: undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, post docs, authors, medical residents, fellows and professors, artists, designers, authors, and other professionals.

Poster should be printed on paper, the Conference Organization will supply double-sided tape to set up posters on the boards.

Program Committee

  • Antonio Chella (Università di Palermo)
  • Riccardo Manzotti (Università IULM, Milano)
  • Pietro Perconti (Università di Messina)
  • Stuart Hameroff (University of Arizona at Tucson)
  • Harald Atmanspacher (Turing Center, ETH Zurich)